We deal with and make everything, which can be made out (prepare) of stone, according to custom demands and full execution as well of course.


You can choose your ledge in superior quality, and you can select among vast of colours, which would fit to your taste and demand. Primarily these ledges are made of limestone, garnet (granite) and Technistone. We deliver these ledges in the given and accurate size, perfectly laboured, with optional egde, which can be even rounded. Custom sizes are welcome too!
Technistone colour palette Garnet colour range

Grave-stones and Urntombs

Primarily these are made of garnet, but due to custom demands we can prepare them of limestone and marble. Beside our huge colour range and excellent quality, we can offer precisely worked and assembled tomb-stones.
Tomb-stone and urnstone gallery colour palette

Counters in kitchen and bathroom

These counters are made of garnet and Technistone. How unique your kitchen is, you will surely find your fitting counter here, with favourable prices, along with the excellent quality and guaranteed precise work. We have references throughout the country, our biggest client is the Sykora Kitchen Studio. We fabricate these counters out of a 3 centimeters thick material, but their ’face-thick’ could be even 5-10 centimeters, with any type of edge-work. Should you send us your layout, we will certainly answer with our quotation in a very short period of time. Upon request we can fabricate it by a template and we can build in as well.
Kitchen counters’ gallery Technistone colour range Garnet colour palette

Fireplace housing

Fireplace housing gallery

Other stone objects to make upon request

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