Our venture (company) the ’Madar-Épkő’ Ltd. was established in 1997, but long before that in 1987 Gyula Madar had started to work as a craftsman. In the beginning his main facilities were coating (covering) and fire-place building, later came the fencing and what became our company’s prominent service ever since, the tomb-stone (grave-stone) preparation.

In Vecsés and the neighbouring cemeteries (graveyards) Madar-Épkő’s presence is remarkable, and the news of our quality work is spreading increasingly.

In addition, we have plenty other facilities in connection with stones, such as ledge (berm), counters in the kitchen, and other accessories made of stone. So we deal with everything, which can be made out (prepare) of stone. We have strong relations with several kitchen studios.

In the recent years we have managed to develop a lot, our huge workshop and the showroom, which is yet under construction and can be found in Gyál, is the proof of our advance and expansion.

All the machines we have are maintained and developed regurarly, our main attitude is to apply and use the most up-to-date machines and devices on the market. In order to offer the best quality to our customers and partners we continually keep our eyes on the technical developments on world and professional fairs. Since the demand is always changing, our goal is to expand our service palette and to attune it to the custom claim.


Our machine fleet


The Madar-Épkő Ltd. has gone through on a huge development. Meantime we have succeeded in finishing and building up our large workshop, which provides help to our employees, and gives all the support which is indispensible to their daily and quality work. Not only it calls forth faster work, but its result is nicer and more accurate, which leads to a better quality product.